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Your favourite new content in Colonial Navy DLC?

New ships
New resources
Historical commanders
Historical battles

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Designer's Blog
Blog 27th September 2010:
Adding content

We have just released first DLC for Commander: Conquest of the Americas. Additional content like this is something that breaths new air into a game.

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Colonial Navy

Colonial Navy DLC

The Colonial Navy DLC contains a variety of extra ships, resources, new historical Commanders and three full historical naval battles. The DLC will be available via all digital download outlets currently carrying Commander: Conquest of the Americas.

DLC content includes:

3 new trade and war ships

Cog has more durability and cargo space than Caravel and being only slightly slower than Caravel, it is a solid early game trade ship.

Naval Snow is the fastest ship in the game. Use them to hunt down enemy trade ships.

Lugger is a spacious coastal vessel. It can transport large quantities of raw resources from other colonies to your production centrals.

Colonial Navy DLC New Resources

3 new resources, with new production chains & buildings

Wheat can be found in the central areas of the game. It can be processed into flour, which in turn can be processed into bread. Bread can only be sold to your other colonies. You shouldn’t create this production chain until you have few other colonies to sell bread into.

Fur can be found in the northern areas of the game. Furrier can create Fur Clothing from Furs.

Wood can be found in the southern areas of the game. Building a sawmill and a carpenter will give you access to Furniture.

7 new historical Commanders, 1 for each nation, each with new special skills

Colonial Navy DLC Historical Battles

3 Historical Naval Battles

Cape Rachado

The battle of Cape Rachado was fought between the Dutch and the Portuguese fleets in the year 1606 near Cape Rachado, Malacca. In this setting, the Dutch fleet consists of 11 ships lead by Admiral Cornelis Matelief de Jonge while the Portuguese fleet has 20 ships lead by vice-roy Martim Afonso de Castro. Even though the Dutch lost this battle, it was enough to convince the Sultanate of Johor to support the Dutch in the Dutch-Portuguese War, and eventually end the Portuguese supremacy in the region.

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1st Cape Finisterre

The First battle of Cape Finisterre was fought between the British and the French in the year 1747 and was a part of the War of the Austrian Succession. In this setting you'll find 7 British warships attacking a 15-ship French convoy. The British fleet is commanded by Admiral George Anson while Admiral de la Jonquière is commanding the French fleet. The British victory ensured the promotion of George Anson to Vice Admiral. The French summoned a bigger convoy later, which lost another battle at the Cape Finisterre, leading to the end of French naval operations for the rest of the war.

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Battle of San Juan de Ulúa

The battle of San Juan de Ulúa was fought between English privateers and Spanish forces in the year 1568. In this setting the English privateers have 5 ships commanded by John Hawkins and the Spanish forces have 3 ships commanded by Francisco Luján. The privateers were anchored at San Juan de Ulúa for repairs and resupply when a Spanish escort fleet arrived in the port. Because of a treaty between the two nations the privateers were not concerned for their safety. However, the privateers had been plundering for a full year and Luján was aware of this and swiftly attacked the privateer fleet. Swift attack and the capture of the island's bastion ensured the Spanish victory.

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