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Your favourite new content in Colonial Navy DLC?

New ships
New resources
Historical commanders
Historical battles

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Blog 27 September 2010:
Adding content

We have just released first DLC for Commander: Conquest of the Americas. Additional content like this is something that breaths new air into a game.

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The Colonial Navy DLC Released!

21 September 2010


Paradox Interactive and Nitro Games today released the first DLC for real-time strategy game Commander: Conquest of the Americas. The Colonial Navy DLC, previously offered only as a pre-order bonus, contains a variety of extra ships, resources, new historical Commanders and three full historical naval battles.

DLC content includes:
- 3 new trade and war ships
- 3 new resources, with new production chains & buildings
- 7 new historical Commanders, 1 for each nation, each with new special skills

The DLC will be available for $ 4,99 via all digital download outlets currently carrying Commander: Conquest of the Americas.

Read the press release here.

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